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Camera Vernetti: a positioning and a brand promise that fit with a very peculiar B2B

How we helped an international law firm on the rise to build a positioning in line with their ambitious vision and detail-obsessed workstyle

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Eugenio Di Salle


Brand Image, Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing, Public Relations


Art Direction, Content Management, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Web Design,

The Challenge

Camera Vernetti is a Law Firm on the rise.

They’re incredibly prepared in Maritime Law and Insurance Law but, by their own admission, they know nothing about marketing and communication.

When they came to us, they were just looking for a Public Relations support. After the first meeting, it was clear there was an opportunity to be exploited: make Camera Vernetti the benchmark Italian law firm for shipping, based on its exceptional records in international maritime law and insurance.

How we faced it

We started the process with our consultancy package of Discovery, Positioning and Strategy, talking to all interested parties about creating a Vision, Mission and establishing values for their Firm.

At this point we were ready to talk about Brand Image and Brand Identity to convey all the key elements of a young and remarkable law firm, strongly rooted in the maritime business.

Following this first step we created a new website from scratch, a User Experience and User Interface project that helps prospect become clients and clients become loyal ambassadors.

Then we were ready to launch a LinkedIn page and a first batch of curated articles that received a lot of interest in the law field.

The launch of the website also coincided with the start of the Public Relations activity, carried out in collaboration with EasyCom, to communicate the rebranding and the new path started by Camera Vernetti: a launch in grand style, welcomed by the main Shipping magazines, at national and international level.


After a year of collaboration, we are ready to move on with the Consultancy for Marketing in the Know-How businesses, with the aim of consolidating Camera Vernetti positioning as the expert to refer to in case of Maritime Law challenges.

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