Evolution of Digital Signage

Enhancing Onboard Brand Experience

Discover our journey in elevating GNV's brand and menu visibility through innovative digital signage that combines form and function for the modern traveler.

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This case study unfolds the journey of enhancing brand presence and menu visibility across the fleet, delving into our innovative approach that marries aesthetics with functionality. Through captivating full-screen food photography and video menus that come alive with seasonal offerings, we have not only amplified the appeal of our client’s onboard services but have also streamlined the visual communication to resonate with today’s tech-savvy traveler.

The Challenge

The initiative to restyle the digital signage formats was sparked by a series of identified needs during on-site visits and follow-up calls with our clients. The project was strategically designed to improve key areas for in GNV’s digital signage aiming to elevate the passenger experience and interaction.

  1. Enhancing Visual Unity: creating a seamless digital environment that reflects the brand’s identity and messaging consistency.
  2. Enhanginc Text Legibility: ensuring that information is easily accessible and understandable to all passengers.
  3. Maximizing Digital Signage Potential: leveraging its dynamic nature to capture passenger attention and deliver content that is both informative and engaging.


Maximizing Flexibility

Our dynamic approach reimaginedstatic menus as vibrant, changeable elements, spotlighting seasonal items, promotions, and the full menu in a narrative that’s as delicious as it is visually striking.

Clarity, Dynamics, Engagement

By redefining the informational hierarchy, we have brought the location element (bar, restaurant, self-service) to the forefront in a dedicated, branded space, providing the menu items with the prominence they deserve. The redesign allows us to expand the already extensive menu across multiple slides, which not only resolves the issue of legibility but also gives more space to the visual allure of the dishes.

With visually appetizing, full-screen imagery, we’ve transformed menus into a tantalizing invitation to dine.


Our integrated slides spotlight seasonal products and embody GNV’s culinary ethos, with full-screen photography that tempts the senses and invites passengers to a feast for the eyes.

Elevating Brand Value

The vertical iteration of our Digital Signage content represents more than just a format adjustment from the horizontal version— as every passenger interaction is an opportunity to reinforce the GNV brand’s value and ease the journey throughout the ship.

By incorporating the phrase “solo al” into the display, we create an exclusive association with GNV offerings, adding a touch of exclusivity and emphasizing the unique services available. To further aid in spatial orientation, each monitor includes clear indications of the deck location. This feature is crucial in guiding passengers directly to the venue, offering a seamless navigational experience even from afar.



Our digital signage overhaul has significantly improved GNV’s brand experience, product visibility, and passenger navigation, setting a new benchmark in onboard digital communication.

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