Revolutionary UX Framework

Unifying Experience, Streamlining Development

Our frontend framework project aims to revolutionize application design and development, providing efficiency and a consistent user experience across Carnival's ecosystem.

  • Carnival Corporation

2022, 2023

  • Technology

Day One S.r.l.
Giorgio Barroccu
Chiara Claus


UX/UI Design


App Design, Creative Direction, Functional Analysis, Project Management,

Creation of a collaborative library

At the core of this project is the creation of a collaborative library, conceived by Carnival’s Global Maritime & Environmental Compliance team, led by Franco Caraffi with the support of Stefano Zunino and Giancarlo Ferrari, and¬†developed by a team of designers – Day One, and developers – Dgsspa.
This frontend framework will serve as a unified foundation for application development, ensuring seamless collaboration and alignment between design and development teams.
By leveraging the expertise of both disciplines, the framework will encompass a comprehensive set of components, designed and coded to optimize functionality and user satisfaction.

Guidelines for Simplicity and Choice

To simplify the decision-making process during application development, we created User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI) guidelines. These guidelines will provide clear direction and best practices, enabling teams to make informed choices while designing and building applications.
The goal is to create a consistent and intuitive user experience across all platforms, minimizing the learning curve and avoiding the need for lengthy manuals.

Empowering Continuous Collaboration

To foster collaboration and ensure continuous development, the frontend framework is now available through a dedicated webkit minisite on Carnival Corporation’s shared space. This centralized platform will enable easy accessibility, growth, and seamless sharing with stakeholders: business, IT, and suppliers.

Customization and Flexibility

Recognizing the diverse needs of different platforms and ecosystems, the frontend framework project aims to strike a balance between consistency and customization. Each platform within MC&E Carnival’s ecosystem will have its unique personality, enabling customization while maintaining a shared recognizable identity. By simplifying the creation of new components and providing solution-finding tools, the framework empowers developers to deliver tailored experiences that meet specific business requirements.

Efficiency and impact minimization are key considerations in this project. By integrating the frontend framework with the existing backend framework, we will ensure seamless collaboration between the two, optimizing performance and reducing development time. Additionally, the framework will provide an easy-to-download library package, allowing developers to quickly access the necessary resources for their projects.

Minimizing Impact, Maximizing Efficiency:

The frontend framework project will revolutionize user experience and application development at Carnival, thanks to Global Maritime & Environmental Compliance team intuition and drive for innovation, which we were able to support with our UXUI team. With customization, integration, and resource access, this project enhances efficiency, productivity, and user satisfaction in Carnival Corporation & PLC.

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