We Care for the Planet

An exciting rebranding and an immersive new website

Discover a carefully crafted project designed to deliver excellent User Experience and value to the brand and its customers, all for a company that cares for the planet.

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Day One S.r.l.
Giorgio Barroccu
Eugenio Di Salle
Fabiola Bracchi
Chiara Claus


Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing, UX/UI Design


Brand Design, Brand Experience, Content Management, Copywriting, Corporate Image, Creative Direction, Web Design,

Ecospray is an engineering company that has been committed for over 15 years to making industrial processes more sustainable through the purification and treatment of polluting emissions.

The new site was created to effectively communicate the re-positioning of the brand, and the increase in authority and brand equity on the various target markets through the distribution of valuable content.

Having changed the positioning on the market, the marketing target has also expanded and diversified and this – together with the pandemic – has required a change in the methods of communication themselves.


The new payoff – Technologies for The Planet – is narrated visually through satellite images that show our planet in all its fragility and natural beauty, well representing the Vision of the brand – Make clean energy a reality for a zero emission planet – to their marine, industry and renewable energies targets, in an explicit and very distinctive way, especially for a B2B in the technology sector.

the website challenge

The site was designed to serve new marketing & communication objectives, such as lead acquisition and generation at a time characterized by the absence of trade fairs and events, due to the pandemic.

In fact, we created several tools to stimulate the marketing & commercial strategy: from the downloadable Product Cards that acquire qualified and GDPR compliant contacts, up to the Book a Meeting tool that allows prospects to book an appointment directly online with their team of interest.

how we faced it

We designed the new Web Architecture by rationalizing the Technologies into 4 main areas – Exhaust Gas Cleaning, Clean Fuel, Green Power Generation and Air & Water Treatment, within which specific solutions were easily found. We also added other key elements to facilitate navigation, such as interactive navigation through the Technology Map.



We kept a strong focus on User Experience and User Interface Design and on the creation of Contents of value, while ensuring the best possible experience from all devices.


Finally, we designed a new conversation section – OneLife – a digital house organ born in 2020, a quick and easy digital format to keep in touch. OneLife contains press reviews, video interviews and articles presenting future projects and directions, and other industry news. A bimonthly newsletter for distribution is connected to OneLife.


The new site achieved over 22,000 sessions in 2021, and over 60,000 page views.

The quality of the visit is excellent as the visit duration of 2 minutes on average indicates that all the contents convince the target. The most significant figure in terms of customer acquisition is the 75% increase in new visitors.

For new visitors, organic search with brand keywords is a very strong channel, considering that it is the second channel with 37% of visits, confirming the growth in brand awareness and brand equity.

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