Dive-in With Neptune

marine technology

Originally designed for safety, the Neptune Platform is a technology hub that provides real time situational awareness and 24/7 support to the entire Carnival fleet.

  • Carnival Corporation
  • Costa Crociere


  • Technology
  • Tourism

Day One S.r.l.




2D Motion Design, 3D Motion Design, Animation, Character Design, Corporate Image, Creative Direction, Direction,

The Challenge

Continually expanding its scope, Neptune – used by more than 100 ships and 500 employees worldwide – has become an essential asset contributing towards the company’s success.

The technology and IT team within the group needed to present the technology to Carnival Corporation’s stakeholders – a non-technical audience – and impress them while doing it, to continue developing Neptune further.

How we faced it:

We were able to tell the story of this impressive and innovative marine technology and generate a strong emotional involvement by showing the future of a Big Data and Satellite technology.

All done without being able to really show it, as some of it did not yet exist – so welcome Science-Fiction, welcome 3D and welcome mirror-effect.

The results

The result were 5 videos, all different, emotional and informative, all capable of keeping the interest high in the audience.

3D to the sea

the platform

the future

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