Dzineelements Revamp

Elevating Social Media

Day One revamps Dzineelements' social media strategy, creating new content formats and themes to attract prospect and nurture leads, highlighting their high-end furniture design brands.

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Dzineelements, a leading provider of high-end furniture design brands, recognized the need to revamp its digital and social media content in order to attract and nurture leads.


Day One was approached to help Dzineelements to create captivating and interesting content that would showcase the company’s collection of unique and high-quality furniture design brands.
The main challenge was to create a cohesive and branded social media presence that would be inspiring, minimalist, materic and unique, and that would reflect the company’s high-end aesthetic.
Additionally, Dzineelements needed to find a way to showcase its products and services in a way that would be rational and functional for the audience.

How we faced it

To address these challenges, Day One created new content formats and themes for Dzineelements’ website and social media channels.
The Instagram and Facebook feed design for Dzineelements has been specifically crafted to reflect the company’s positioning as a high-end brand.
The new design features a cohesive look that highlights products and moods, creating a visually striking and consistent aesthetic across all social media channels.


One of the key elements of the new design is the use of black and white for designer posts, while colors are reserved for product posts only. This creates a strong contrast between the different types of content, making it easy for viewers to distinguish between products and designer information.



We’re using Reels more now. It’s quick, engaging, and flexible, and has many benefits such as creating short videos that can be shared easily, reaching a wider audience, and having a dedicated section on Instagram. Reels also has a variety of creative tools and music options to make videos more entertaining and visually appealing, and can be used as a marketing tool to showcase products or services in a fun way.

Additionally, a frame has been introduced to accompany all posts, providing a visual continuity across all posts. This frame sometimes features the entire Dzineelements logo, and at other times just the icon, creating a dynamic and visually engaging experience for viewers.
Overall, the new design for Dzineelements’ social media channels reflects the company’s high-end aesthetic and is designed to attract and nurture leads, while showcasing the unique and high-quality products that Dzineelements has to offer.

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